Selling a home can be a highly emotional and confusing experience. At Allynn James Real Estate Group, our dedicated staff is driven to make selling a home easily understood and as pleasant as possible. Each associate is specially trained in property valuation, negotiation strategies and financing options. Additionally, we take the time to answer your questions and if we don’t have the answers immediately, we promise to get them to you within 24 hours.


We also know that home sellers often want to do a little research on their own. That why we have developed 4 special reports especially for sellers.


  • 1. Pricing your house. Each home is unique to its neighborhood and community. In establishing value a seller needs to evaluate…..(more)
  • 2. Marketing. When interviewing which real estate agent to use, a seller must make sure the agent guarantees the marketing and advertising. Your listing contract needs to include…(more)
  • 3. Real Estate Financing. Let’s face it, without money nothing really happens in real estate. There are nearly 10 different loans available but not all houses qualify. For instance, if your home is located in the city….(more)
  • 4. Negotiating Commissions. Believe it or not but commissions paid to real estate companies are not standardized or set by regulation. In fact, you can negotiate your commission to…(more)

Hopefully, this has helped you become a more comfortable and educated seller. We are here to help. We know YOU are the boss and every call from you is a favor to us. We are always here for you.