Choosing a Realtor that Works for You

Picking the right real estate agent is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL to your success in a real estate transaction. All too often buyers and sellers fail to properly interview the agent they depend on. Listed below is a quick summary sheet you should use when selecting a licensed real estate or licensed real estate broker to help you find Toledo homes for sale.

1. Does the agent understand they work for you? You are the boss. You are the person who is going to live in the home. They should come to your ‘job interview’ with a resume, work history AND a solid game plan on helping you get the best. Don’t get bullied. Don’t let the agent say ‘this is the way it is’ with a take it or leave it attitude. You should interview a minimum of 3 agents before choosing one to help you buy real estate in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

2. Marketing Plan. If you are selling real estate, your agent should be prepared to show you what they are going to do. If the agent’s idea of real estate marketing consists of putting the house in the MLS, doing an agent open house and a couple ads in the Sunday paper…run away. Today’s successful agent will develop a real estate marketing plan to include social media, build a website around your home, a plan for open houses (yes, they really do work) and use a host of other internet tools. Again, this is another reason why you should interview at least 3 agents to see who has the best possible marketing tools for you.

3. Real Estate Mortgages. Ask your agent to explain the difference between FHA mortgages, VA mortgages, Conventional mortgages, first time home buyer mortgages and purchase money mortgages. Remember, without money, nothing in real estate happens. Your agent needs to be an expert in real estate mortgages to help you or your buyers get the money needed to buy real estate in Toledo

4. Time Committed to You. Buying a home or selling a house is probably the singles largest investment you make. You need to relay on an agent who can dedicate the time, energy and effort needed to get you the best real estate deal. Don’t settle for the family member who happens to have a real estate license in addition to their other job. Would you hire a part time brain surgeon…of course not If you are thinking about investing in real estate, you need to buy from an agent who owns real estate investments. Seriously, if an agent doesn’t believe in investing in real estate, why should you believe in them?

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